These 10 Kitchen Utensils Are A Must Have For Every Woman

The kitchen is one of the most important part of a house as that is where cooking takes place.  The kitchen is visited when people are hungry, thirsty or just bored and looking for a snack.

It is not every kitchen utensil that we really need or use daily just like there are some we just can’t do without at every round of cooking.

Looking to stock up your kitchen? Here are 10 kitchen utensils every Nigerian woman should have in her kitchen.

1. Set of Pots

What is a kitchen without set of Pots? as cooking cannot be done without them. Set of pots of different sizes are what you should invest in when equipping your kitchen as it makes it possible to use the right size of pot for the different sizes of burners. When you shop for pots, look for heavy pots. Very light pots tend to get heated faster, but, there is one disadvantage; they burn food easily. A good pot should act like non- stick and kind of prevent food burning so quickly.

2. Knives

Most of the cutting tasks in the kitchen are done with a knife. A sharp knife will ensure that you cut those leafy vegetables as tiny as you want them. Using a blunt knife could be frustrating.

3. Chopping board

A good way to keep the knife marks off your kitchen counter and your palms is by using a chopping board.

4. Kitchen Clock 

The kitchen clock helps us to keep track of time while cooking. It helps a lot especially when you need to hurry especially for working moms. It prevents us from running out of the kitchen every now and then to check the time.

5. A Grater

This is a must for all kitchens. There are different types of graters. There is the manual grater and vegetable grater. A good grater should have different hole sizes/parts.

6. Sieve

A standard kitchen should have more than one sieve in the kitchen. Sieves play a major role in the kitchen. It is absolutely necessary when parboiling rice, removing beans coat before cooking the Nigerian Moi Moi, washing bitter leaves, to name a few.

7. Scissors

The kitchen scissors is one of the most useful utensils in the kitchen and it’s task ranges from cutting spice packets, to cutting open small packets of rice, spaghetti and noodle packs, sachet tomato puree etc.

8. Non-stick frying pan

There’s nothing more frustrating than washing a frying pan with food stuck to it. Save yourself the time and energy this year and invest in a non-stick frying pan.

9. Hand Towel

The kitchen towel is one tool that is used a lot. From paper towels to sink towels to cloth hand towels. The kitchen is one place where you wash your hands so often and after doing this, you must have the need to reach for a hand towel. These towels are a must have, to be hung by the sink and also kept/hung where they can be reached with ease. They perform so many functions, drying hands, helping when we handle hot objects.

10. Bowls

Kitchen bowls help with measuring items like grains in the kitchen, we also use bowls when we wash vegetables and other items in the kitchen. They serve like semi sinks and it is advisable to have them in different sizes.