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7 Types Of Pants Every Woman Should Own

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Most women pay more attention to their clothes and outer look than their panties and underwear.

However, underwear or panties has been known to boost enhance a woman’s beauty and also enhance her self-esteem.

Remember, Looking good should start from the inside.

In this post, we will show you different kinds of panties and when to wear them.

1. Boy Shorts


These types of panties were inspired by men’s boxers. They take on a more rectangular shape than most panties. Boy shorts are super-comfortable and they are very functional. You can wear them with your skirts, as well as your flared or short dresses.

2. Classic Briefs

These types of panties are your regular underwear. Also known as ‘granny panties’, this undergarment provides full coverage and a high waistband.

They are the ones you buy in a pack of three, five, or eight.

However, because of the up-to-the-navel waist which makes them visible, it’s best you limit them to your high-waisted pant or jeans and pleated skirts.

3. Hipsters

These panties are low-rise and have full coverage on the sides. This pant derived its name from ‘Hip Huggers’ because the waistband sits on the hips, a full two inches below the waist. They can be worn with almost everything so you should ensure you have more than just a few of them. They are best worn with pant trousers and low-waist jeans.


4. Thongs

No other panties speak sexy as thongs do. But more than that, they’re the perfect underwear type to wear with outfits where otherwise, your panty line can ruin the outfit.

This is the style most often sought when needing an undergarment for formfitting clothing, like tight skirts or dresses, because it provides no coverage on the butt cheeks — and thus no panty lines.

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5. French-Cut Panties


Also known as high-cut panties, these are very 80s in their style. These panties are similar to the classic briefs but have a high cut on the leg holes, which makes them better for circulation from the regular ones. They go really well with high-waist jeans.

6. G-String

They’re very similar to thongs and have absolutely no rear coverage. Like the thong, there’s no rear coverage, and this style also provides little upfront, where it forms a T shape of the fabric.

They are meant for times when you would like to go without panties. A little getting used to is required to be perfectly comfortable with this type of panties.

They are best worn with tight outfits like leggings and bodycon dresses.

7. Control Briefs

These are super comfortable and all about functionality. These panties come with a tight elastic waistband to keep your stomach in and give you a great shape enhancement.

They go well with high waist jeans and dresses.