FabWoman Giveaway: Here Is How To Win A Beautiful Set Of Makeup Brushes

We are in the 21st century and by now, no woman should apply makeup without using the right tools. Be it for powder, foundation, lipstick, concealer, highlighter or even blush- there are brushes used to apply all of it to make you look nice.

Here are some brushes and how to use them:

1. Foundation Brush

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Use it to smooth liquid or cream foundation for streak-free application. Start in the middle of your face and blend the product outward to prevent harsh makeup lines around the edge of your face.

2. Powder Brush

The long, fluffy hairs of this brush helps to evenly diffuse loose powders. For alternate use, sweep blush from the apples of your cheeks along your cheekbones.

3. Eye Shadow Brush

Use an eyeshadow brush to evenly apply powder and glitter eyeshadows. You can also use it to put on shadow under the lower lash line for a smokey eye.

4. Angled Eyeliner Brush

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This brush easily lines lashes with cream or gel liner or shadow. You can also use this to fill in and define sparse brows with a good brow powder.

5. Concealer Brush

Use this small, synthetic brush to pinpoint specific areas that need extra coverage, like small spots, pimpled area and blemishes. This brush can also be used to clean up messy lipstick edges.

6. The Fan Brush

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This brush is perfect for adding a bit of highlighter and glow your cheeks after makeup. Some people also use it for the bridge of the nose and for applying blush.

6. The Spoolie

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This is an essential brush needed to achieve the perfect eyebrow. The spoolie brush grooms brow hairs into place, helping the brows to look very natural.

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