These Survival Tips Will Help You Cope With The Heatwave In Nigeria

An intense heatwave is currently being experienced in Nigeria with no end in sight till the seasonal rains start this month (May) according to reports.

heat wave is a period of excessively hot weather, which may be accompanied by high humidity, especially in oceanic climate countries. A heat wave occurs when a system of high atmospheric pressure moves into an area and instead of moving across the landscape stays stuck in one location for days or even weeks.

This can, however, pose a potential risk to human life and lead to many health-related issues.

To stay safe during this heatwave period, here are some important things to note.

1. Avoid thick outfits

As much as possible, stay away from thick outfits except if you will be an air-conditioned as this will help minimize the inconvenience that comes with the heat. Turtle necks, long-sleeved outfits, sweaters, jackets are a no-no during this period.

2. Stay hydrated

To avoid dehydration and other diseases, make sure you drink lots of water at regular intervals. Since you are bound to lose more fluid during this period, hence it is very important you stay as hydrated as possible. It is recommended that you take about three liters of water during this heatwave to stay adequately hydrated.

3. Avoid staying under the sun

Except your job demands it, limit your time under the sun or avoid it totally as it can cause lots of damage to your skin. Also, have your sunshades handy.

4. Have regular baths

You should have more baths because as the temperatures in the atmosphere increase, so also does your body temperature. It becomes imperative therefore to cool and balance your body temperature with regular cool baths in order to avoid exhaustion