Father Walking The Bride Down the Aisle Tradition: Nigerian Author Shares Thoughts On The Need To Change Status Quo

One of the most significant moments of a wedding day is when the bride walks down the aisle.

As accustomed to western tradition, the bride takes this step with her father by her side as she is officially given to her groom.

This practice dates back to history where a father walking his daughter down the aisle represented a transfer of ownership from her father to her new husband. During this era, women were also viewed as the property of men.

According to a marriage expert, a bride was a ‘financial liability’ who was transferred from her father’s house to her husband’s.

It stemmed from the days of arranged marriages when a father’s presence was a good way to prevent the groom from backing out.

However, times have changed, and even though this practice is still very much in place today, it has evolved and there are now exceptions.

In Nigeria, some brides have been spotted walking down the aisle with both parents. Some with their brothers, sisters, and even friends.

Award-winning author, Chimamanda Adichie made a case recently for breaking this tradition in a post.

The author who lost her parents within months advocated against the tradition of sidelining the mother of the bride while the father walks down the bride, has the first dance with the bride, and also gives the first speech.

The writer opined that as individuals, we can make changes and try to craft small slices of the life we want adding that she decided that her parents will both walk her down the aisle while her first dance was with her mother.

Remember, your happiness matters and you do not need to conform to any standard or tradition.

You want your wedding day to be a memorable one so do what works for you.




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