7 Financial Mistakes Every Woman Should Stop Making Today

In this age of financial knowledge and awareness, it is imperative to take control of your finances by avoiding some financial mistakes.

As a woman, financial independence is one of the greatest things you can give yourself, hence the need to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

Here are 7 major mistakes you should stop making today.

5 Money-Saving Tips Every Woman Should Know

1. Not having a budget

A major mistake you should avoid is not having a budget. A budget helps set things straight and makes you take better financial decisions. Therefore the first step is to have a budget and stick to it.

2. Living above your means

Many women are guilty of making this financial mistake by splurging on expensive things, impulsive buying, and living paycheck to paycheck.

This however prevents you from achieving your financial goals. The first step to curbing this habit is to know you don’t have to buy everything you like even if you can afford it.

It is even worse if you can’t afford it as it leads to you into debt thereby preventing you from savings and reaching your financial goals for retirement.

Ask yourself if you need it or you just want it before you make a purchase, therein lies your answer.  Sit down and rethink your spending habits and cut back.

3. Leaving all the financial decisions to your spouse

This is another common mistake made by women. As a married woman, do you leave larger financial decisions like long-term investments and retirement plans for your spouse, then you need to have a rethink.

Yes, you pay household bills and manage the budget, however not getting involved in the bigger financial picture will cost you a lot in the future.

Discuss this with your spouse and get all the information and knowledge you need e.g the assets you have, the worth of the assets, life insurance, etc just make sure you are making the short-term and long-term financial decisions together.

Women usually outlive their husbands and the divorce rate is on the rise, therefore it is best to be prepared for any eventuality by getting involved.

4. Saving instead of investing

Even though there is an emphasis on savings, it is equally essential if not more financially smart to invest the money instead. This is because investments help your money grow by generating returns during the investment period, unlike savings which just sit idle in your account. You can start by investing in either fixed deposits or mutual funds

You can also talk to investment experts who have the right knowledge to guide you on the right investment options.

5. Not having an emergency fund

Life is full of surprises and an emergency can spring up from nowhere at any time. It can form in the form of a job loss, health issue, death of a spouse which may affect your finances.

However, having an emergency fund can be a lifesaver during these rainy days therefore it’s vital to build it through dedicated and planned investments.

6. Not having a side business

A side business popularly called a side hustle is very important in this present age as it makes room for more financial wealth. According to a survey in 2019, women are more likely to have a side hustle, and 65% of women between 18-34 have one.

Not having a side hustle in these times may be detrimental to your long-term financial goals.

7. Not thinking of retirement early enough

Many women make the mistake of not having a retirement plan or not starting early enough.

You don’t want to go around depending on your children or relatives for money at your old age, do you?

Change the narrative today by creating a clear plan for retirement, you can also seek third-party advice for more clarity.

Having the funds in your golden years will you tackle any financial constraint with utmost ease.

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