Recipe: How To Prepare The Delicious Ghanaian Recipe ‘Banku’

Banku is a dumpling kind of delicacy made from corn-dough and cassava-dough.

It is cooked by a mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water into a smooth, whitish paste.

It has a sour taste due to the fermentation of the dough.  Banku is popularly served with okro stew but can be paired with a range of stews and soups. It is also paired with grilled fish, fresh salsa-like shito, and shitor din (black pepper sauce).

Banku is found throughout Ghana and is one of the staple foods enjoyed by all tribes in the country although it is mostly associated with the Ewe people of Ghana.

Looking for a new recipe to try, then this  Banku recipe is perfect.


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