5 Fabulous Hair Hacks Guaranteed To Help You On A Bad Hair Day

It is a fact that a bad hair day seems to be worrisome for many African women as they most times have a shortage of time in the morning to go for more complicated hairstyles like Bantu knots. At the same time, they still need to look their best to appear confident and stylish.

In such situations, these hair hacks can come to the rescue and also add a bit of glamour to their looks.

So, here are five fabulous hair hacks for a bad hair day for African Ladies.

1.) Tie a beautiful Scarf to turn heads

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There are days when your hair seems to be unruly and completely messy. Not to worry though, it can be sorted out by using lovely and colorful scarfs to beautify your hair.

The interesting part is that you can wear the scarf in different ways like wrapping it like a turban, making it in the form of a simple bun, or squeezing it into a perfect knot on the top of your head.

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You can experiment with your looks by wearing the scarf in various styles to complement your chosen outfit for the day and go into the day with confidence.

2.) Create a Stylish Side Bun

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You can create the stylish side bun for a bad hair day by just parting the hair on one side and keeping the rest on the other side where you intend to make the bun.

Then take out the hair from the crown section and backcomb them to add a little volume to your hair.

Now tie your hair in a side ponytail and make a simple three-strand braid and make a chic side bun by twirling it a little. Voila! You’re ready to go.

3.) Try out the Puff for a Super Easy and Glam Look

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You can look exquisite even on a bad hair day by opting for the pony puff that is super easy to make and takes less than a minute to offer the stylized look.

All you need to do is to get a high elastic band and start rolling it up towards your head to make your hair into a subtle pony and keep on rolling till you get the preferred tightness. Finally, you need to lay your edges.

4.) Style the Pomp and Roll

Hair Hacks For A Bad Hair Day

The Pomp and Roll are one of the easiest ways to style a bad hair day and add glam to your personality.

All you need to do is divide your hair into two sections and apply the gel (optional) on the hair to give them the required smoothness.

Then you need to roll the back section into a twist and that too a bit tighter and just pin it up. Now get to the front half and make it into a pompadour and tilt it either left or right or place it in the middle to get a classy look and you’re done!

5.) Cornrow styled with a messy bun

Hair Hacks For A Bad Hair Day

If you have a bad hair day and you need to look your best, then try two cornrows that are styled with a messy bun.

All you need to do is part your hair into two sections and start braiding each side till you get to the end and then secure it with a rubber band.

Then you need to tie the ends of both braids into a knot and make a messy bun to give it an ultra-glamorous look.

Moreover, you can accessorize it with hoop earrings and get the best of your glamorous look.

These simple hacks need very little time and by using these hacks, you definitely can turn your bad hair day into a pretty lovely day.

So, don’t worry about the bad hair day as you can still look your beautiful best by using the above hair hacks and can win some compliments on your style.

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