7 Health Benefits Of Oregano

Oregano is a herb closely related to the mint or Lamiaceae family with numerous health benefits. It has been a culinary ingredient and an alternative medicine option for thousands of years.

The leaves are the most commonly used part of the plant. Its taste ranges from bitter, zesty, and astringent to sweet and mild. The aroma and flavor of the herb are better in its dried form rather than the fresh one.

Aside from being used as an herb, it is also available in other forms like essential oil and capsule.

The herb oregano includes a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which include lutein, zeaxanthin, thymol, and carvacrol. Minerals and vitamins included in oregano include calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, salt, potassium, and selenium.

Oregano is available fresh, dried, or as an oil, making it super easy to add to your diet. Try mixing whole oregano leaves into other greens for a nutrient-packed salad or sprinkling the leaves into chili, soups, or stews.

Here are some of the benefits of oregano.

1. Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants, which are substances that aid in preventing dangerous free radicals from causing harm to the body are abundant in oregano.

Particularly high concentrations of carvacrol and thymol, two antioxidants that can aid in preventing free radical damage to cells, can be found in oregano essential oil.

Oregano could offer a hefty dose of antioxidants that may assist enhance your health when combined with other high-antioxidant foods like fruits and vegetables.

2. May help relieve depression

It is believed that oregano may improve your mood.

According to a 2019 study on rats, oregano essential oil may assist to lessen depressive-like behavior, which is brought on by persistent unpredictable stress.

This herb’s constituent carvacrol has been connected to raising dopamine levels in mice. When taken frequently and with little attention, it has also been reported to contribute to feelings of well-being.

The British Journal of Nutrition also makes the case that oregano leaf extracts could improve mental health.

3. Aids gut health and improves digestion

A teaspoon of oregano contains around 0.5 grams of fiber. In spite of the fact that it’s a limited quantity, it might significantly affect your digestive system.

Fiber is an essential element of a healthy digestive system, as it can increase the bulk of your stool and stimulate peristaltic motion, which moves food through the digestive tract and excretes it efficiently. Also

Additionally, fiber keeps up with the well-being of the stomach and increments supplement take-up, so the food you eat supports you

4. Has cancer-fighting properties

Antioxidants are abundant in oregano and these substances may help prevent cancer cells in addition to repairing free radical damage according to several test-tube research.

In a test-tube investigation, oregano extract was used to treat human colon cancer cells, and the results showed that it helped slow the growth and kill off the cancer cells.

Another test-tube investigation revealed that carvacrol, one of the oregano’s constituents, assisted in slowing the development and progression of colon cancer cells.

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5. Could help treat yeast infections

Candida is the main cause of yeast infections globally.

Five different kinds of Candida, including those that cause infections in the mouth and vagina, have been discovered to be resistant to oregano essential oil in investigations conducted in test tubes. In actuality, it was more efficient than any other tested essential oil.

Oregano oil’s primary ingredient, carvacrol, has also been shown in test-tube tests to be highly effective against oral Candida.

Additionally, some digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease and IBS have been linked to high levels of yeast.

6. Helps reduce inflammation

Inflammation in the body is linked to a number of adverse health effects. Research has shown that oregano oil may reduce inflammation.

One mouse study found that oregano essential oil, along with thyme essential oil, reduced inflammatory markers in those that had artificially induced colitis.

Carvacrol, one of the key components in oregano oil, has also been shown to reduce inflammation.

7. Helps to manage diabetes

The management of type 1 diabetes is another benefit of oregano.

Future diabetes medications may incorporate oregano extract due to its significant success in avoiding the onset of diabetes. Additionally, the fiber in oregano slows down digestion, preventing a fast metabolism of sugar and a spike in blood sugar levels.



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