7 Homemade Remedies Bound To Relieve You Of Teeth Related Problems

Tooth related problems are always painful to bear or deal with, but cavities are definitely the worst. They can make eating or drinking anything difficult for you.

Cavities are small holes that occur in the teeth as a result of tooth decay. This happens due to the lack of dental hygiene and accumulation of bacteria and plaque and it can also be due to the lack of minerals in the diet.

Below are 7 homemade remedies for tooth problems.

1. Make your own toothpaste

Non-natural toothpastes are full of harmful ingredients, and plenty of the natural toothpastes as well have some not-so-healthy ingredients. Always read labels.

If you really want to be sure you are using the right toothpaste, make your own. Here’s an easy recipe for remineralizing toothpaste:

  • 4 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp. Baking Soda (aluminum free)
  • 3 tsp glycerin
  • 20 drops peppermint or clove essential oil
  • 20 drops trace minerals or (calcium/magnesium powder)

2.  Aloe Vera

Pure aloe vera juice has proved to be just as effective as the standard mouthwash ingredient, chlorhexidine.

Aloe vera also kills the plaque-producing bacterium Streptococcus mutans in the mouth, as well as the yeast Candida albicans, protecting both teeth and gums from decay.

For effective use, brush your teeth with aloe vera gel (after your normal dental hygiene routine) or rinse your mouth with 100% aloe vera juice.

3. Salt and water mixture

This mix keeps the mouth bacteria-free and removes the stickiness from the cavities. The salt solution balances out the acidic pH created by the tooth cavity. For this, you Will Need- 1 teaspoon table salt or Epsom salt and a glass of warm water.  To use, add salt to warm water and mix well.
Rinse and gargle your mouth with it. Make sure you rinse the cavities thoroughly.

4. Vegetable Oil

This method is known as oil pulling. It is supposed to be effective in removing tooth infection and relieving pain. The swishing action pulls the bacteria and traps them in the oil. This technique also decreases any swelling that may be present in the gums.

Take the small cup and fill it with vegetable oil. Rinse your mouth with the vegetable oil for 5-10 minutes. Then, spit it out. You can also use coconut oil or olive oil for this. Repeat this 1-2 times every day.

5.  Lemon

Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C. The acids presents in lemon juice kill the germs to help ease the pain caused due to cavities . Chew on a slice of lemon for a few minutes and afterwards, rinse your mouth with clean water thoroughly after this.
Repeat this as and when required to relieve the pain from tooth decay.

6. Garlic

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is a wonderful spice and herb found in every kitchen. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties and, at the same time, helps relieve pain by working as a painkiller.

You will need 1 garlic clove. Chew the garlic clove, preferably in the mornings, on an empty stomach. For best use, do this every day in the morning.

7. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be used to keep the mouth healthy, gums strong, and the teeth decay-free. This is because tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

You need a few drops of tea tree oil and warm water. Massage your teeth and gums with tea tree oil. Rinse with warm water. You should try to do this twice a day.






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