4 Effective Ways To End Communication With Your Ex

Ending Communication With Ex Tips

Just out of a toxic relationship and you know you do not want to go back to it? How do you handle it when your ex comes crawling and begging you for another chance to prove he loves you?

How do you maintain your resolve and make your decision firm? Well, we’ll show you.

Here are some awesome tips for you.

1. Give yourself time before you can even be friends

Never rush to be friends with the person you intensely care about but at the same time, it obviously can’t work. Being friends also doesn’t give you enough time to heal or know if you would want to get back together.

2. Block him on social media 

There’s no point in being friends with your ex because this will just be an opportunity for you to obsess with his life and if he doesn’t post anything you’ll even be more frustrated.

Ever been cut off from social media? How does it feel when you can’t see what’s going on in someone’s life? You basically feel like you have no control if you genuinely cared about that person.

3. Keep the things that remind you of him far away

Remember that you’re trying to move past him, so keeping photos of him and things that remind you of your relationship is a no from me. If you also need to block some of his friends who post a lot then please do so because this is about your healing, not him.

4. Tell him to leave you alone

Just be brave and tell him to give you some space, don’t keep him around because you’re scared of heartbreak. If he comes back after you have healed and you’re ready to be friends then it’s okay.

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