Tips To Handle A Relationship With A Man Who Earns Less

Do You Earn More Than Your Spouse? Here Are 5 Tips On How To Handle It

Tips To Handle A Relationship With A Man Who Earns Less

Sometimes, a woman may earn more money than her man and in these cases, it may cause a glitch in the relationship.

A man often feels that once a woman earns more, she will become arrogant and his ego will not take this.

However, this must not always be the case. As a woman who earns more than her man, there are ways to make the relationship work and you can find them below.

With These 6 Tips, You Will Know If You Are In A Healthy Relationship

1. Don’t stop making decisions together

Continue to make decisions together and split responsibilities. If you earn more money, make an effort to balance power in other areas of the relationship. Power imbalance is a killer to passion and intimacy in a relationship. Make sure that you’re still making decisions together where possible.

2. Do not make him feel guilty for bringing in less

This is not the time to become unnecessarily insensitive, insulting, or insensitive. We are not saying you should pamper him or make him too relaxed he now depends on you financially. What we are saying is that you should be a bit mindful of his ego and find new ways to state issues- even if you are very angry.

3. Don’t feel guilty too

Yes, we know that a lot of women begin to feel guilty once they earn more. They are no longer free. They do not buy what they feel like or eat what they feel like especially when the partner is around. This should not be so. You earned the right to that high-paying job or business so there is nothing to feel guilty about.

4. Don’t nag

If you used to nag before, there is no better time to stop that but NOW. A man who earns lesser than his partner already feels below her. So, if you compound issues by always nagging about how you are the one carrying the financial burden or how he never buys you the kind of gifts you want, then there is bound to be a problem.

5. Do not encourage laziness

In a bid to be cool and make your partner feel relaxed, don’t encourage him to be lazy. Motivate him to read more, seek out new opportunities, go for training and acquire new skills. Help him to be better too and you’d be doing yourself a favour too.

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