5 Tips On How To Juggle Your Education With A Side Hustle

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Studying and working are already demanding tasks on their own, but combining the two together and getting excellent results for both will take immense managerial skills, and you have to have great vision and focus.

If you focus too much on one more than the other, the one with the less commitment will be lacking. And you have to do both because you need the education and the money to sponsor yourself and follow your passion.

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So how do you make the two work without putting much stress on yourself?

1. Know Your Primary Focus

You might want to focus more on school than your side job or more on side job than school. You have to know your primary focus at a given time. This will help you maintain a flow that you can adjust when the timing is right.

2. Organize Yourself

You have to know what you have got yourself into and not ‘take it as it comes’. Organizing yourself will help you plan how to go about it. What kind of strategy do you want to draw up for the two. You have to also know the minimum number of hours it takes to get a desired result. How long does it take to finish an assignment? How long do you need to run an errand for your hustle? You have to know all that so that your studies and your side job will not clash.

3. Work smart,Not Hard.

It will go a long way to help balance your multitasking if you quickly figure out which classes are necessary, important, compulsory and useful. This does not mean that you should skip classes, it just means if there are things without consequences you can avoid, do it. You can use that extra hour to get something done.

4. Mix School With Side Hustle

What does this mean?  You can do the same at the same time. If you are a designer for instance, you can draw your sketches in your free time in class, have a meeting with student clients in between classes, promote in class and to people around. Make your clients within your school premises. That way you are mixing school with business. When you do this it is easy to stay on school grounds and not have to move around. Same goes for makeup artistes.

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5. Beware Of Critical Times

Exams! Exams! Exams! You have to be careful of times like this. No matter how tempting an offer is, if you cannot handle it with your exams, don’t. Also when you have an important work and you insist on staying in school when nothing is going on, don’ t. It’s all about knowing the crucial and deciding moments of your school and work.