6 Tips On How To Successfully Plan A Bridal Shower In Nigeria

Bridal showers have become an important part of an intending bride’s journey to becoming a Mrs.

It’s supposed to be an opportunity for friends to mingle, enjoy and gift the bride-to-be. And if you’re the hostess tasked with organizing one, here’s how to plan the best bridal shower party ever and say goodbye to bored and antsy guests!

Below are some tips on how to plan a successful bridal shower.

1. Planning

This is the most important yet stressful part of a bridal shower.

Generally, the maid of honor with the help of the bridesmaids is in charge of planning the wedding shower. If there is no appointed maid of honor or bridesmaids, the future bride’s friends could organize a small gathering or outing. Nowadays, anyone can be involved in the planning, except the couple.

Another thing is to engage and enlist everybody! Start by coming up with a corresponding opinion– there’s nothing wrong with good brainstorming – and ask who wants to be in charge of what.

You’ll be amazed at what people are able to do and how much they want to help out.

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2. Budget

Everyone’s financial capability should be put into consideration. Once you will determine how much money you have, you will be able to plan efficiently for the party.

3. Theme

The theme will help other girls decide, which gifts they should purchase and which clothes they should wear. Some examples of themes are Ankara theme, vintage theme, lingerie party, and many more. The theme will determine the decorations and menu and create a specific atmosphere, which will make the party a day to remember.

4. Number of people to be invited

Try not to invite anybody who’s not invited to the wedding (unless the couple plans to elope or is hosting a destination wedding). There’s nothing more hurtful than finding out you weren’t invited to the wedding but have to buy a wedding shower gift.

5. Games

Apart from having an interesting theme, you need to have good games and funny activities to fill the time of the party. Check out several interesting ideas below.


It’s an old game, in which everybody who says the word “bride” receives a clothespin on their clothes. The winner is the one who has more clothespins on their clothes at the end of the party.

A kitchen game

It’s not necessary to compete in cooking complicated meals. Just prepare several pieces of the biscuit base, cream, and food decorations and invite all the guests to compete in creating cupcakes to celebrate the bride and her wedding.

Finding matches

Have several questionnaires with questions about the life facts of the guests. The winner is the one who manages to find the biggest number of matches: the same month of birth, the same car model, the same dress color, etc.

6. Date

Next, it’s time to let everybody know when and where. No need to break the bank on this too: email, WhatsApp and text are there for a reason. For all of those guests who do not indulge in digital communications, unless there are too many of them, a phone call will do.

If you really want to have printed invitations, indulge! Remember to let people know this is a surprise and if they are supposed to bring a gift that matches a theme.

Either through emails, texts or calls, send them at the very least four to six weeks before the bridal shower party date.


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