These Tips Will Help You Pick The Perfect Menu For Your Wedding

Wedding Catering is the part that stresses most Nigerian brides out especially if your wedding is going to be a huge one.

Even if your wedding is small, there are still a lot of details to consider when planning your menu, finding the right caterer and satisfying your guests.

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Have you ever heard people say; “I have to eat before going to that wedding incase I don’t get food or I don’t like the food.” Yes, this happens more often than you think. Guests arrive and the caterer and his/her team do not cater to your guests appropriately. You definitely want to avoid this.

They are told to serve the older guests or the parents’ friends first and most times the bride and groom’s friends do not get anything to eat. Sometimes the caterer during the tasting session cooks really tasty food and during your wedding turns a simple meal like Jollof Rice into Rice porridge.

Nobody wants that! The choice of menu is always critical as well for a Nigerian wedding as Nigerians aren’t very adventurous with food.

They stick to what they know and you trying to be adventurous with your menu only ends up with you having a ton of food wasted and money down the drain. There are a few creative ways to address these issues.

1. Marrying a Nigerian (Same Tribe)

With this Menu, you can introduce a few of the simple dishes you have in your culture. However, it is advisable to have very little quantities of those traditional dishes and stay with the more popular options like Jollof Rice, Fried Rice or Ofada rice etc.

2. Marrying a Nigerian (Different Tribe)

Unless your spouse doesn’t mind, you can also introduce one or 2 traditional dishes from both parties in addition to the wedding staples.

If introducing these dishes are a bit of a problem and expensive, go the safe route and mix Nigerian dishes with a few Chinese dishes as Nigerians are familiar and more accepting of Chinese dishes at weddings than other foreign dishes.


3. Marrying a Non-Nigerian

We have had many people ask how to fuse the Nigerian Menu with an American or Canadian Menu for example. We usually advise that they get a Nigerian Caterer to consult with the caterer of their choice if that person isn’t Nigerian.

We have also seen weddings that have the brides’ caterer and the grooms’ caterer so that eliminates the menu problem. However, if you are going to have Nigerian guests at that wedding, do not alienate them with foreign dishes because they would not be able to eat them. There are a few adventurous Nigerians but they only make up a small number.

Sample Standard Nigerian Wedding Menu

1. Jollof Rice

2. Fried Rice

3. Fried Plantain (Dodo)

4. Assorted Meats in Stews

5. Chicken in Stew

6. Stewed Fried Fish

7. Cole Slaw

8. Moin Moin

9. Ofada Rice & Ayamashe Stew

10. Pounded Yam

11. Amala

12. Starch

13. Gbegiri

14. Efo- riro

15. Banga Soup

16. Edikang Ikong

17. Okro

18. Small Chops – Puff Puff, Spring Rolls, Asun, Samosa

Are you a bride or bride to be? What are some of the challenges you have faced planning your menu for your wedding? Please let us know below.

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