Rice And Beans Recipe

Looking for something different to try your hands at? Rice and beans cooked together is a great way to spice up your menu and guess what, it is not so difficult to prepare. This rice and beans recipe is the best.

Spice Up Your Dinner Menu With This Unique Frejon Recipe

This is the easiest way to prepare.


  • Rice – 2 cigar cups
  • 500g Beans – 1 cigar cup
  • Tomato stew
  • Chicken or Fish
  • Pepper
  • Salt – to taste
  • Onions – 2 medium sized bulbs
  • Knorr cubes.


1. Wash the beans, discard the water and rinse the beans.
2. Put the beans in a pot, pour some water and set to boil. Once the beans starts boiling, turn off the heat, pour away the water & wash again. These steps will help minimize the indigestion associated with beans for most people.
3. Prepare the tomato stew, Parboil the rice, cook the chicken till tender with the chopped onions & Maggi.
4. If you prefer to use fish, boil the fish for 5 minutes using the same amount of seasoning. Fry or grill the chicken or the fish and set aside.
5. Cook the beans till tender and set aside, Pour the chicken/fish stock into a pot big enough to accommodate the rice & beans, remember the rice will rise some more.
6. Add the tomato stew, the parboiled rice and the cooked beans.
7. Check that the water level is just less than the level of the rice & beans, Add pepper and salt to taste.
8. Stir, cover the pot and cook at low to medium heat till the water is dry.

This meal can be served with the fried chicken, fish or fried plantain as you desire.