5 Ways You Can Reduce The Risk Of Maternal Mortality During Pregnancy

You should know how to prevent maternal mortality in order to reduce the risks of dying during childbirth. This saves your family the potential loss of a gem in the family.

It’s sad that a woman should have a baby and not enjoy many years with the child, so help yourself by preventing maternal mortality

Here are ways to prevent maternal mortality:

1. Be consistent with appointments

Appointments will allow your Doctor to keep track on you and give you the necessary advice, so be serious with them.

2. Attend antenatal care

This will help your pregnancy process before you eventually give birth. Know the days for antenatal in your area.

3. Eat well

Definitely! You don’t want to end up losing all your blood, do you? Also pay attention to what your Doctor tells you to eat so you don’t start to lose your nutrients while giving birth.

4. Avoid harmful substances

Alcohol, cigarette, caffeine should not be in your diet. Focus on your wellness!

5. Be hygienic

When you’re hygienic on a normal day, your body is able to steer clear from intense infections and bacteria. The same will happen with you during pregnancy.