Signs and Risk Factors of Gestational Diabetes Women Need To Know

Gestational diabetes could be dangerous for you, and if you’re not aware of the symptoms and risk factors on time, it could just get even more dangerous.

As much as you check your blood sugar when you suspect you’re taking too much sugar, you should actually take it even during pregnancy.

Here are the symptoms of gestational diabetes:

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  1. Frequent urination.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. Sugar in the urine (through lab test).
  4. Unusual thirst.
  5. Dizziness.

Here are risk factors of gestational diabetes:

1. You are overweight

Having a BMI of 30 or more during pregnancy could put you at risk of gestational diabetes.

2. Over the age of 35

If you’re an older woman, you’re at the risk of having gestational diabetes.

3. Genetics


If diabetes runs in the blood, and your family has a history of having diabetes, then you could be at risk.

4. Abdominal fat

If you’re one who has had abdominal fat previously, then you’re also at risk.

5. Gestational diabetes in previous pregnancy

You’ve cured that previous gestational diabetes, but it might come back in this new pregnancy.

6. Bed rest

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During bed rest, you tend to add more weight. This could increase your chances of having it.

7. Pre-diabetes diagnosis

If you’ve had a pre-diabetes diagnosis in the past, be it high sugar level or what not, you could get it during pregnancy.

NOTE: You can diagnose gestational diabetes through a glucose screening test.