This Simple Tutorial Will Teach You How To Shape Your Eyebrows With Blade

How To Shapen The Eyebrows Using Blade

The eyes and eyebrows are one of the first things a person sees on your face, and can significantly change the appearance of the entire face – they can either make you look older or younger or just your age, depending on how you groom them.

Today, we are bringing you expert beauty tutorials on how to groom your eyebrows into a nice, arch shape that will enhance your face and beauty.

If you’ve been struggling with getting a perfect brow shape by yourself, grab a seat because the step by step eyebrow shaping tutorials below will help transform your looks. And, if you have natural thick, bushy brows, this video will also show you how to trim it to shape it without shaving.

You’ll love the before and after looks in the tutorial. Just be sure to practice along.

Learn To Tie The V Shaped Gele Faster Than You Thought Possible

To avoid scratching or cutting your skin while shaving your brows, use a brow razor (available in beauty stores) or a good, hard razor blade such as Tiger (popular in Nigeria), and Ardell brow razor (easily available in reputable makeup stores).

Don’t hold the razor straight up. Instead, hold it flat against your skin while shaving – this way, you’ll have greater control of the blade and reduce the risk of cutting your skin.

This is the best video to teach you more

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