Here Is Everything To Know Before Starting Frozen Food Business In Nigeria

Frozen Food Business Tips

If you are a woman looking at going into business and you are looking for a profitable one, then you should think about the frozen food business. The beautiful thing about this is that you do not need to start with a huge amount of money- you can always build up.

Below are some tips you need before you start:

1.  Pick a product line

The most popular is probably frozen fish, then poultry products, chicken and turkey. Another one is seafood. Before you make your decision, first of all, find out the one that will be the most in-demand in your situated location. A frozen food business is a location-based business, in the sense that the location has a great impact on the success of the business.

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2. Good business location

It is important that you take this aspect very seriously. In fact, a bad business location is one of the major causes of business failure in Nigeria and all over the world. Be sure that the business is in close proximity to potential customers.

Also, make sure that the respective location has steady access to electricity so as to save you the hassle of having to fuel the generator always. If the location is close to your target market, lack of electricity shouldn’t deter you anyway. You should simply diverse a strategy.

3. Electricity and Storage system is key

In frozen food business, electricity and power supply is the order of the day. Your business can not thrive without power. For a country like Nigeria with an unstable power supply, make sure you have the resources and capacity to run the business before you venture into it. Also,  You’ll need at least, two freezers. That’s if you’re dealing with more than one product line like seafood and poultry. Both products should not be in the same refrigerator. This is because seafood like fish might compromise the taste and scent of poultry which customers hate a lot. If you can’t afford a new one, go for fairly used.

4. Get your equipment

Waste bin, Buckets, Aprons, Wooden boards, Salespersons (you can hire one for start), Generators, Chisel, Knives, Chairs, Table, Freezer. These are some of the equipment you need to build up a frozen food shop. As time goes on, you might get a few more things.

5.  Get License for your business

Since this has to do with edible products, you have to find out from local authorities if a permit will be required before an operation begins. You don’t want a situation where you’re arrested for defaulting the law, you know.

Also, find out from other frozen food business owners what it takes to be in business. If you’re starting on a large scale, then we will advise getting product insurance that will protect your business from whatever that might arise as a result of your frozen products.

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