Entrepreneur and YALI fellow, Idongesit Umoh has shared how she lost the LSETF loan she took to expand her shoe making business to fraudsters through DiamondBank’s online banking application.

She runs a business which manufactures and retails handmade footwear and accessories for men, women and children using genuine leather and African patterned materials.

She also said that till date, the bank has refunded only N668,000 of the initial N2.1 million before they closed the case in July.

The problem started after she had requested for Personal Travel Allowance (PTA) in the sum of $3ooo dollars to make a trip to the United States as she was shortlisted as one of the 101 outstanding young leaders in Nigeria to  undergo a 6 weeks training in the US.

The entreprenuer has said that because of this issue, she is not able to pay bills or run her business effectively.

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She also said that all efforts to recover the money has proved abortive as Diamond  Bank has remained adamant and has refused to refund her money.

Idong  noted that although she had wanted to be quiet about the issue as she did not want her business name tainted, she has now decided to fight, speak and do anything to recover her money.

Talking about what she learned, she said: “One thing i have learned is that if i ever fall a victim of anything, i will not keep quiet. I will stand, shout and make my voice heard.”

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We have her Instagram post below

I have been deliberating over the last few months if i should post this or not as it relates to my business. I didn’t want a case where when #IdongHarrie is searched on the internet and part of what comes up is information about fraud. However, it is high time i speak about this. My name is Idongesit Umoh and i am a victim of an online bank fraud. One thing i have learnt over the years is that if i ever fall a victim of anything, i will NOT keep quiet out of fear. I will stand, shout and make my voice heard. I run a micro small business called Idong Harrie. We manufacture and retail handmade footwear and accessories using genuine leather and African fabrics for men, women and children. My business has won several recognition and awards by several multinationals and is playing it’s role in impacting the Nigerian economy and we ensure we also give back to our community. A few months ago, I got shortlisted by the Mandela Washington Fellowship as one of the 101 outstanding young leaders in Nigeria to undergo a 6 weeks training in United States (all expenses paid). I decided to go to my bank (Diamond bank) @diamondbankng to request for PTA for the trip. I had initially wanted to request for $400 but one of the teller guys suggested i do $3000 at once. After consideration, I decided to do just that because i had some transactions to do in China and needed to pay for and also buy some things for my factory while in the US. I started the PTA process with the bank. On the 7th of June, i transferred N1.5m from one of our business bank account to our business Diamond Bank account for the PTA. The next day being the 8th of June, i wanted to refund a customer who had been debited twice while using our Diamond bank POS during the Lagos Leather Fair exhibition held the weekend before. I typed in my Diamond bank mobile app password and I got an error message saying the credentials you have put in is invalid. I tried it the 2nd time and it said the same thing. Immediately, i called the customer service number explaining to the woman who picked what was going on. To keep reading, read comments ????

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