Have Low Self Esteem? These 5 Tips Will Help You Build It Back Up

A whole lot of young women out there suffer from low esteem and most do not know what to make of it. They do not know how to get out of the emotional fix they are in and put their lives back on track.

It isn’t as difficult however and with determination and planning, you would be on the move to recovery.

Here are some tips to help you below.

9 Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem And Embrace Self-Love

1. Identify your negative thoughts

Whether you realize it or not, your own thoughts in your head are trapping you inside the cycle of low self-esteem. To feel better, it’s productive to identify when these types of thoughts are happening and find ways to overcome them. There are some typical negative self-statements you can become familiar with, so if you come across some of them, you can target them for elimination

2. Eliminate negative thoughts

With all this negative input, it’s no wonder self-esteem suffers. If you recognize your own unproductive thought patterns, you can combat them. It takes time and patience because changing old habits takes a lot of work. Taking it in small steps is very helpful.

It’s easier to do little bits of progress, and it’s easier to get in the habit of treating yourself well by thinking positively.

3. Identify areas that you would like to improve

It is important to address ways that you would like to improve without overly focusing on ideas of strength or weakness. Believing we are weak or deficient in some way is another self-esteem trap. It’s unfortunate that this self-defeating idea is supported throughout our society.

Stop thinking of yourself in terms of weaknesses and instead think about areas you would like to improve, and only because changing them will make you happy.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

If you have negative thoughts in your head, it’s possible you have people around you who are stating the same types of negative messages about you, even close friends and family. As you’re improving your self-esteem, if it’s possible, minimize contact with people you notice are saying negative remarks to you, even if they are close to you or are at work.

5. Practise Self-Love

Self-love is the first step to breaking the shackles of self-esteem. Invest some of that love you give to others in yourself and you will see the results. Take yourself out, spoil yourself with good things when necessary and you would be glad you did.

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