3 Simple Ways To Tighten Your Vagina Without Trying Too Hard

Vagina Tightening Tips

The real truth about vaginal muscles is that you need to strengthen them just like any other muscle in your body. The only thing that can loosen your muscles would either be childbirth or because of age and these exercises will help you restore it. As you grow older you need to do more to be able to have strong vaginal muscles.

Here are some tips below

1. Diet

Consume foods that are high in natural estrogens which are found in sesame seeds, pomegranates, soybeans and its products, yarns, carrots, wheat berries and apples.

Also, ensure that you consume lots of wholegrain organic carbs as well as organic lean animal protein. A well-planned diet will go a long way towards keeping your inner muscles strong and healthy.

2. Vaginal cones

If you want a serious workout that won’t take much of your time, you should try vaginal cones. These cones have different weights attached to them and all you need to do is use them for 15 minutes twice a day.

You slide the cone inside starting with the lightest cone and then once you get the hang of it the first cone you can move on to the heavier one to tighten your pelvic muscles.

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3. Workout

By now you know that simple workouts such as kegels, squats and yoga will help your pelvic floors. All you need to do is make sure you keep contracting your pelvic muscles so that they can become stronger, make sure you do this at least 30 minutes a day in different times.

The simplest way to locate these muscles is to impede urinating during midstream for successful results.