This Popular Makeup Artiste Thinks Nigerian Musicians Can Learn From Beyonce’s Performance At Coachella 2018

Popular makeup artiste for TV, Jennifer Alegieuno has shared her thoughts on the spectacular performance Beyonce gave at Coachella 2018 and how all Nigerian artistes need to take a cue from her.

The Story Of How This Nigerian Lady Danced For Beyonce At Coachella 2018 Will Inspire You To Work Harder

She captioned one of her posts:

“I AM NOT A BEYONCÉ STAN or member of the HIVE, but honestly I have always been, I am and will ALWAYS be a FAN of her work ethics. There’s so much to talk about that one could learn from her LEGENDARY ARTISTIC BEING.

Firstly, last night… all shades of awesome.
DRUMLINE PLUS THE STOMP CULTURE, MY ABSOLUTE BEST. I Always say, this setting is a big time win for any creative, performing musical artiste. PRECISIONS on the choreography was ALL SHADES OF BEAUTYFULL. this choreography included the drum line guys. Not just dancers. Her mics to fit her costume changes, her signature costumes, HER TEAM… Gaddem!!! This is pure Art.”

We have her Instagram posts below

I don’t know how people watch this lady and only hear the music. EVERYTHING she does is a story. A representation of the AFRICAN PRIDE. significantly infusing TRENDS and using them tastefully to her advantage. My God!!! Many felt a WAKANDA kinda way yesterday, some of us felt like ZAMUNDA🙈😅 , BERETS… etc There was no dance step that would tire her out. She maintained a good level of breath control. NIGERIANS OOO, it is not by dressing like Beyoncé, it’s by putting in the level of hard work and paying attention to the tiniest details. Lights, positioning for the camera, she never waka for stage finish when her team release the official first photo, whaaaaaat??? It’s a full TEAM guys. No jokes. But mbanu, glo money is for Car and chain ONLY!!! Them don arrive be that once glo sign them o😒🙄 I know the state of our economy o but u as an artiste U should want more than be mediocre and flow with the unprofessional culture we have. We can’t pay to come and watch u sing to ur CD, no breath control, talk more than u are performing and then u get off the stage after 20mins. She stood there for two hours putting up a gaddem good show for us. Tomorrow now Una go ask she get 2heads? E be like so…🤦🏽‍♀️ We need to LEARN abeg. We just have to. This shit keeps getting depressing.

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Look at that… The star above her head, light engineers, CHECK✅ There’s a lot of boxes to check as a performing act and lemme just tell u people now, NO GOVERNMENT is going to do it for you. I always say, as an artiste o, to stand out, it takes a lot of sacrifices, u may not eat ur favorite sushi or drive ur dream car in the beginning cos u are setting standards for yourself that will position you far above your peers and stand u out in a generation like this, AND THAT IS WORTH IT!!! This is pure ART! And I respect this woman and her team. Her husband, her family, ETC. there are a lot of creative artistes like this but Nigeria isn’t an enabling environment for this level of success to thrive. It’s sad. But today, these posts are to challenge those queer investors that won’t put money down for this kind of brand building. Telling talented artistes to change their sound just cos Nigerians love empty, meaningless, music, those who don’t see the vision and bring money for pussy cat but with a story board of the life of Pi… everyday they come and tell u “that Beyoncé type video is what we want” with a remedies video budget. I pity u all. It’s much more than just that. This woman rehearsed 11HOURS a DAY!!! Where is that artiste in Nigeria??? STAND UP IF U CAN? This is your own challenge. What are u doing to be this great? How much time is invested in ur art? And to ALL OF US IN THE ARTS… atink Una see everything o. Costume, MAKEUP- Infact did anyone see her face? Let anybody come and be telling me they want that rubbish Akata makeup again😒 Dancers ooo- u see sey not everything is gra gra, there’s sth called exaggerated moves, precision, camera angles etc there’s a lot to learn. IT IS WELL!!! I celebrate a living legend in you MS. CARTER. 👑 #nuffsaid

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EHEN!!! Very important- it is only Nigerian artistes that I know that throw away their musical repertoire. They just put their past body of work aside. How do u do a show and decide to NOT infuse a selection of your fan favorite. Many of them don’t even remember their history as an artiste and how and why they became CELEBRATED. Yesterday, we saw destiny’s child, we saw solange- sibling love, we saw HOVA- hubby of life. Which one Una de do? Coming on stage to sing a whole bunch of new songs that we can’t relate to, no videos no releases yet u say the crowd is cold(Nigerians can actually be sha. The only country I KNOW where they sit down with tables in a CONCERT😒). O GA O. NEVER THINK FOR A DAY THAT YOUR OLD SONGS ARE NOT NECESSARY JUST COS U ARE TIRED OF IT. Why are u even tired of song that u wrote? Yet u expect fans to not be tired of you. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Abeg, there’s a lot of work to be done. Not the one that u guys are here shouting BEY- QUEEN!!! We want to shout queen for u too and king. Make your show and concerts memorable for heaven’s sake. It is well o.

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Slide for more… It is important for entertainment practitioners, whatever field of the arts u are in, to take these posts into serious consideration. MUAs- the ones that have added PRO to their names with no skill whatsoever, weh done o. STYLISTS- Una doh o SOUND, LIGHT, CAMERA, DJS, PHOTOGRAPHERS… CREATIVE DIRECTORS, DANCERS, STAGE MANAGERS, PRODUCERS (all levels), DIRECTORS(creative and otherwise), EDITORS, GRAPHICS, PRODUCTION DESIGNERS… the entire force of FILM AND TELEVISION, it’s a movement y’all, c’mon get with it. As for the government of Nigeria, ONLY A FOOLISH GOVERNMENT DOESN’T SEE THE NEED TO INVEST IN EDUCATION especially in the ARTS. IT IS AN INDUSTRY THAT EMPLOYS AND GUARANTEES PROFITABILITY. Stay BeautyFULL, #JBeautyFULL™️💞

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