Judge Judy marriage secret

Judge Judy Shares The One Secret That Has Kept Her 46-Year-Old Marriage

Judge Judy has revealed the best-kept secret of her almost 47-year marriage to her husband, Judge Jerry Sheindlin.

The judge of the popular ‘Judy Justice’ said this in a recent interview with E News.

The 81-year-old, who has been married for almost five decades, said there should be a healthy dose of attraction for marriage to work.

“You don’t spend 24 hours together because that’s deadly,”. “Jerry just celebrated his 90th birthday, and I still like to look at him when he walks in the room—that’s a key”, she added.

The couple, who met at a bar, got married in 1977 and share five children from both of their previous marriages. In 1990, they divorced but remarried the following year.

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