Kemi Adetiba Remains Thankful As She Bags Her Latest Achievement

Kemi Adetiba, legendary director is in a very euphoric mood today as she showers praises on God for her latest achievements.

Osas Ajibade Stays Winning As She Snags Her Latest Achievement

On the 10th of December, Kemi won the ‘Her Network, Woman Of The Year Award 2017’ and we must say it is a well deserved one.

In an appreciation post, she talked about finding her purpose and how she managed to stay true to her dreams.

We have her Instagram post below

If I had a thousand tongues, they wouldn’t be enough to speak of how grateful I am. God is indeed the fashioner of all things and in his time, he perfects his work. All he asks is that we do the work necessary for him to bless. I remember when I used to feel passed over when it came to awards. One day, I sat myself down and said, “Kemi you’re focused on the wrong goal.” The focus shouldn’t be validation from awards. They are nice, but your validation should come from the kind of work you put out and people’s reactions to it. It should be the sweat and hard work you put into transforming an idea in your head into visuals that can be shared with plenty. Your goal should be “showing up” everytime you are asked to step up into the plate. Everytime you have a chance to showcase your craft, your mission is to knock it out the park. Simply put, just shut up and do the work, even if it feels no one is watching. They may deny you many things, but they can never deny that you did the work. I literally decided to put my head down and go for it, forgetting distractions like “pats on the back” for hard work, and look what has happened. I don’t even have space for them all. How amazing is God. He trained me to refocus my energies on the goal that really mattered first, and he blessed me with the prize anyway. I say this short story for anyone that might feel forgotten right now, unappreciated or passed over. For those that feel their seeds are taking long to germinate. Don’t give up. Hard work done “smart” DOES pay off. It’s is not just a quote used aimlessly. My life is a example and I am grateful to God for his Grace that crowns it. To quote Mrs. Jumoke Adenowo’s episode in King Women “Growth is natural, unless there’s an obstacle in life. If you cast a seed into the soil, it will Grow… Unless there is weed or something wrong with the weather. Proverbs 12:24 “The hands of the diligent shall bear rule…”. THANK YOU so much @hernetworkonline for celebrating me in this way. To say I am humbled is an understatement. Thanks to the bestie @maxxyb for picking up the awards for me ? It slept right beside me all night. THANK YOU again?

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