Pregnant Nigerian Dancer “Korra” Obidi Breaks Record On The ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Stage

Korra Obidi pregnant dancer

In the midst of the people of Los Angeles lives a Nigerian dancer called Anita “Korra” Obidi Dean. She’s also an actress, and has made mouths open wide with her belly dancing.

Ever since she became pregnant for her foreign beau, Dr. Justin Dean, nothing stopped her from belly dancing, especially on her Instagram page. She has been entertaining followers with her twerk, fitness and dance videos, and many people have been wondering just how she does it!

Little wonder why nothing stops professionals from achieving their career goals. Obviously, she has groomed herself extensively in the art of dance and fitness, so she’s able to maintain every part of what she does within the art. The talented wife and soon-to-be-mother didn’t hesitate to try out an audition for one of the world’s biggest dance competitions- ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

On stage, there is a part where Korra is about to do a slide, so watchers assume that she’s about to fall, but she maintains balance, even with the heels she’s on.

For the record, Korra has been named the first pregnant woman on the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ stage.

Watch her full performance below:

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