Who Says You Can’t Slay Ankara To Work? Here Are 10 Office Styles You Would Love



Ankara is not only for the weekend. It can also be worn on a Monday and in any corporate setting if it is styled and sewn properly.

Wearing Ankara to work if you work in a very institutionalised organisation, it can be a daring style choice to make but you can pull it off if you are fashionable and stylish enough.

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Here are 12 Ankara styles you can wear to work on a Monday.

1. This is such a well-fitting dress

2. CEO vibes

3. This is how you stay popping everyday

4. Peep that cute collar

5. This pencil skirt is so peng

6. Ankara pants for the win!

7. This combo is so stylish

8. Slay mama

9. Ankara short pants suit

10. She looks straight out of vogue