20 Of The Latest Ankara Styles You Can Wear To Work On Fridays

Who says you cannot wear ankara to work? No body! You can. It just depends on how you wear your ankara, what you accessorize with. That’s all!

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From cullotes, to pants, jumpsuits, dungares, down to gowns (both flare and straight), you can definitely rock an ankara  to work.

Below are some ways to wear ankara to work.

1. Go simple with a figure hugging dress like this.

2. Pick a vibrant ankara dress and turn heads.

3. Add fringe to your ankara to give it more pomp

4. An ankara cullote is another great style for work.

5. Who says you cannot use statement jewellry with ankara.

6. Cold shoulder top are not out of style yet.

7. This is another simple but classy one.

8. Jumpsuit never gets old and of course, you’d look good.

9. Tuck in a black top on a colourful ankara pants.

10. This style looks perfect for the office.

11. Depending on where you work, this is another great choice.

12. Layered skirts are quite the rave now.

13. You can never go wrong when you add a bit of lace to ankara.

14. You can also show a bit of shoulder. No crime in that, you know.

15. This lady gave so much life to this dress.

16. Another colourful piece.

17. A high neck style never hurt anyone

18. You can go midi length too.

19. See how angelic she looks at work

20. Cinch your waist with a wide belt like Tayo Sobola did here.