7 Chic Ghana-Weaving Hairstyles To Take Back To Work

ghana weaving hairstyles to take back to work

Ghana Weaving is the rage now. Not only are they very low-maintenance, they are also very chic.

After this time of festivity, you would need to resume work with a look that would wow everyone. Here are 7 very chic Ghana weaving that you should try;

1. Bring in a new twist to the Fulani Shuku by using the feed-in technique

Chic Ghana Weaving Fulani Hairstyle

2. This side-swept style is great if you want to try something new

Side-swept Ghana-weaving hairstyle to try

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3. And if you are daring enough to add a little colour, try this all-back  with ombre extensions

4. Shuku is timeless and fabulous. And this is a fresh style you should definitely try

5. All-back is another timeless hairstyle. Alternating tiny weaves with the large ones like this is a great way to freshen the style

ghana weaving all-back

6. This is another all-back style for those looking for something really simple but still fabulous

Huggies Nappy Pants

7. Want something short? Try this lovely Fulani-inspired hairstyle

ghana weaving short fulani hairstyle