Are You A Soon-To-Be Yoruba Bride? Let These 10 Photos Inspire Your Traditional Wedding Style

Yoruba brides are known to be colorful with their traditional outfit on their big day.

The famous Aso Oke and traditional Yoruba wedding outfit has evolved over the years into a more fashionable and appealing style.

As you look forward or plan for your big day, we provide you with the latest traditional wedding outfits.

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1.This complete stoned top, wrapper and “Aso Oke”

This glittering outfit will help you steal the show and make you stand out.

2.The Off-shoulder stoned lace with “Aso Oke” headgear

This style is unique and will definitely suit you perfectly.

3.Lace Off Shoulder with wrapper and stoned “Aso Oke” headgear

This style changes the stereotyped style of Yoruba brides. You can break the norm with this outfit.

4.Compete “Aso Oke” with a bow headgear.

This outfit will help every bride steal all the attention at her wedding.

5.Full sleeve floral top and wrapper with stoned “Aso Oke”

This is a diva kind of look for every bride. You should consider choosing this style.

6. Full-length gown and stoned headgear

This is most suitable for tall brides.

7. Sleeves full-length gown with stoned headgear

If you intend to spice up your look for your big day. You should consider this style.

8. Stoned top with beaded headgear

This outfit will look amazing on every woman.

9. Top and skirt with stoned headgear

In case you want less drama on your outfit, here is your perfect match.

10. Full sleeve with bow and half stoned headgear

If you’re a fashionista, you should consider rocking this style on your wedding day.