If You Experience Any Of These 7 Signs, Then You Are In A Toxic Relationship

No relationship is perfect but some are more inperfect than others. There are some that are even dangerous to your well-being, those are the ones we call toxic relationships. Toxic relationships are just as bad as they sound because at the end of the day, you end up worse than you started.

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When things are going bad in an otherwise good relationship, there are always signs that act as indicators. Likewise when a relationship becomes toxic and unhealthy, there are signs that serve as warning bells, but not many actually hear it.

By definition, toxic relationships are relationships characterized by  behaviours from the toxic partner that are emotionally and sometimes physically damaging to the other partner. Just as the name connotes, a toxic relationship will break down the victimised partner at the end of the day.

For the most part, people who fall victim to it have an inkling of the damage that is being done to them but for reasons such as dependency, deep affection, sex, financial gain, they usually remain in the relationship.

The signs are usually in plain sight but maybe because they are actually so easy to spot they are over looked or explained away. If any of these is happening to you, then you need to act fast.

1. Its all take and no give

Relationships are generally all about sharing; giving love and getting it back, giving time and getting it back, giving attention and it being reciprocated. In a toxic relationship, the giving is always one-sided leading to a lack of balance that ultimately ruins the giver.

2. Feeling drained

The lack of balance in the roles of both partners eventually leads to a feeling of being drained by the one that is giving. This is usually because no matter what they do, the toxic partner can never be satisfied.

3. Lack of trust

Someone once said a relationship without trust is like a car without fuel; it is going nowhere.

4. An hostile atmosphere

Anger is one of the emotions that is most prevalent in a toxic relationship. The victimised partner will continually feel unsafe in such a situation.

5. Constant criticism

It is okay to correct your partner or for your partner to correct you, but when it becomes judgmental, then you need to watch it.

6. Lack of communication

With the constant bad energy lurking in a toxic relationship, communication becomes defective. Eventually both partners just try to avoid talking to each other because only hurtful things will be said.

7. Diminished self-worth

If your relationship makes you feel less about yourself and your worth as a person, it might just be that you are in a toxic relationship.


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