6 Healthy Vegetables That Would Help Increase Your Life Span

Vegetables are great for your health, helping to fight diseases. This is why nutrition experts are all over preaching about how awesome vegetables are.

Fighting the diseases can help improve your immunity and wellness in life.

All that being said, you would be able to live a longer and healthier life as time goes by.

Here are 5 leaves that increase your life span:

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1. Water leaf

Water leaf is a great source of vitamin. As the name suggests, it contains water.

It doubles up as vitamins and water for your diet. Keep adding water leaf to your soups and get that long healthy life.

2. Pumpkin (Ugwu) Leaf

It is a great thing when you use pumpkin leaves to make your soup. Also, using it to make Ugwu smoothie is one way to have a healthy drink.

It is also great for vegetarians who prefer vegetable drinks.

3. Scent Leaf

Health Benefits Of Scent Leaves

Not only does this leaf improve the aroma of your soups; it also boosts your immunity for you to be able to retain your health.

4. Soursop Leaves

Soursop has many benefits, and it is great for increasing your life span.

It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help your tissues improve.

5. Parsley-Curly Leaves

Parsley-curly leaves contain antioxidants that fight diseases. Also, they contain anti bacterial properties.

It is an excellent source of vitamin K, iron, Vitamin A and vitamin C.

6. Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf does not only decrease the outrageous sugar level in your blood; it also improves the health of your heart.

If you can withstand it, try taking bitter leaf smoothie and get a healthy heart.