Nigerian Artist, Lola Mewu Sets New Guinness World Record For Longest Painting Marathon

Lola Mewu attempts and sets a new Guinness World record for longest painting marathon.

Lola Mewu

Nigerian artist, Lola Mewu has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest painting marathon.

Mewu had announced in June 2023 that she was attempting to break the previous record of 60 hours set by Ronald Palmaerts, and the records body had given her the go-ahead.

She began painting on Saturday, October 28, at around 6:30 p.m. at Safe House, an upscale restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos, creating a number of paintings and artwork, with a number of them already auctioned.

Mewu hit the 72-hour mark on Tuesday, October 31, but set a new record by reaching the 82-hour mark on November 1.

A message on her official Instagram page reads: At exactly 4:30 am on November 1, 2023, LolaMewu dropped her painting brush after reaching the 82-hour mark in the @guinnessworldrecords longest painting hours record attempt.

She could not have done this alone, big thank you to everyone who assisted, supported, sponsored, and encouraged her through this tough journey of exceeding limits.


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A Twitter user had earlier shared a video when she clocked 72 hours.

Congratulatory messages have been pouring in for her already. She joins the list of the likes of Hilda Baci and Kaffy Shafau who have also broken records.

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