Our Team

Here is the team that handles the day-to-day running of the FabWoman website to keep you informed and entertained at the same time.

Anu Odubanjo

Anu Odubanjo is Founder/Head, Business & Partnerships at FabWoman.

She monitors and coordinates the day-to-day operations across the website and social media channels. She edits, supervises, and oversees the content of editorial team members, and also hires and trains new team members.

She also previously managed other news media websites, Nigerian Monitor and Stargist.

Her latest role is looking for strategic business partnerships to help position Fabwoman as the leading women’s lifestyle brand in Nigeria.

She is a graduate of International Relations from Obafemi Awolowo University and also has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Lagos with over seven years of experience in the digital space.

In her spare time, Anu loves to read, cook, listen to music,network, and learn new skills.
Her LinkedIn handle is @anuoluwah.

Shaheedat Olajumoke Tijani

Shaheedat Olajumoke Tijani

Shaheedat is FabWoman’s Digital Marketing Manager. She handles the website’s campaigns across social media platforms. She manages and monitors FabWoman’s social media campaigns using various analytics tools she’s skilled with. Shaheedat is a graduate of the University of Ilorin where she obtained a degree in Industrial Chemistry. Before joining FabWoman, she gathered experience in a number of organizations. She’s currently using her expertise to grow the website on social media.

Outside of work, Shaheedat enjoys traveling and meeting people. She is also into human resources and crisis management.

Follow Shaheedat on Twitter @tijanishaheedat.


Ebun Bello

Ebun BelloEbun is a Content Writer and Social Media Manager for FabWoman. Having a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, she uses her knowledge and skills to develop relevant content to reach FabWoman’s target customers. She curates and manages written, image, and video content for the company’s website and social media channels. Before joining FabWoman, she had about a year’s experience working as a content writer and social media manager for an e-commerce store.

Ebun spends her spare time curating content for her personal fashion blog.

Follow Ebun on Twitter @wanshygirl.


Olamide Ayeni

Olamide AyeniOlamide is a Content Creator at FabWoman. She joined FabWoman as a lifestyle content writer, creating content for the website from photos and videos. Olamide is an alumna of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. She holds a degree in Food Science and applies this knowledge in writing content for the company, especially in the area of healthy foods.

Olamide loves reading and writing. She also enjoys seeing movies.

Follow Olamide on Twitter @olamideayeni4g1.


Olayinka Owate

Olayinka OwateOlayinka is also a Creative Content/Social Media Writer at FabWoman. She creates blog posts for the FabWoman website in niches ranging from health to beauty to fashion. She also creates content for the company’s social media accounts. She has a degree in English Literature from the Lagos State University. Olayinka employs her expertise in the area of social media to source for feeds based on trends and significance to the company. Before joining the FabWoman team, she worked as a creative writer and dancer at a Vacation Club.

Olayinka enjoys writing, dancing, modeling, and surfing the internet. She also has a knack for speaking and volunteering.

Follow Olayinka on Twitter @yinxybelle.


Ifeoma Nnewuihe

Ifeoma NnewuiheIfeoma is a Creative Content Writer at FabWoman. She creates lifestyle, entertainment and news content for the website – content that serves to inspire and inform women of the millenial generation. Ifeoma is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she studied English and Literature. Prior to becoming a member of the FabWoman team, she already gathered some experience as a content writer and social media manager. She uses this experience to help grow the FabWoman brand.

Ifeoma’s favorite things to do outside of work include writing, dancing and drawing.

Follow Ifeoma on Instagram @ifeoma_theincredible.


Vincent Abolarin

Vincent Abolarin

Vincent is the IT guy at FabWoman. He joined the company as a content and digital executive, and soon developed into managing the FabWoman website. He monitors the website and fixes whatever issues may come up at any time. A graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Minna, he has a special interest in computers and IT. This interest is what prompted him to delve into WordPress management and development, using his skills to the attainment of the company’s goals.

Asides from work, Vincent loves reading novels, seeing movies, and playing computer games.

You can find him on Twitter @beejayvince.