Michelle Obama Opens Up On Life After Leaving The White House In Fun Interview

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Michelle Obama Interview With Ellen Degeneres

In her first TV interview since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama, former U.S. First Lady had a chat with Ellen Degeneres about her family’s  life in Washington, D.C. and the awkward gift she received from the Trumps at the Inauguration.

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Michelle opened up about life after leaving the white house and the projects the family are working on.

Here are a few of the things she said in the interview:

1. On what she does after leaving the white house

“Nothing, i have all the time in the world. We are good, the girls are fine. Barrack is working and we take holidays. I wake up anytime i want and there really is no bid deal.”

2. On living in a regular house

We live in a neighborhood down the street from the white house. We have door bells now and i receive visitors. It is such a nice thing.

3. On if she feels weird living not far from the white house.

“We live in this neighborhood because we want our youngest daughter to finish high school in the school she has been since second grade. So it does not feel weird that we are so near the white house. I feel we transferred  the love and warmth we had in the white house to pour current house.”

4. On putting the house together

“I put the house together, together with my team. Sasha got a two room suite and she decorated it all by herself. Her sister got a small room up in the attic. {You know, you don’t waste rooms on college girls} Barrack  got the worst part of this decoration house deal. His office space is small and so, he is always hating on Sasha.”

5. On what she feels about the situation in the country.

People are afraid and then, there are people who feel good about the situation in the country. I learnt in the white house that we should care for each other- live for hope because that is all we have. I encourage you to love each other and show empathy.  Forget what they are saying in Washington.

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