Mizwanneka’s Success Story As She Turns 27 Is All You Need To Stay Motivated


27 and making a difference!

Mizwanneka CEO of Hair by Wanneka entrepreneurial story would make your heart race.

Mizwanneka Nkuma Doris, the CEO HAIR BY WANNEKA is the last child of nine biological siblings and a beautiful wife, mother and business guru. The hair boss as she is popularly known, started her journey down this business path in 2013.

Worthy of note also is the fact that Mizwanneka is rounding up her degree in a private university and successfully manages her task as a student and entrepreneur.

For Mizwanneka, the inspiration to become a hair entrepreneur started with the insane idea of wanting to surprise her husband and prove to him that women can also be independent, make their own money and also stay successful without being a liability to people around them.

Also, her passion for human hair products was what made her decide on her choice of business. Many hair clients love Hair By Wanneka because of the style of advert used by Mizwanneka, as well as the affordability of the hair types.

She has several times shared her inspiring story of how she had to quit her business more than two times because the business had failed. With determination however, she started again and less than two years after, her business is flourishing.

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Wanneka in her early days bought her weaves from a well known hair seller and resold them. She also went to banks and waited till the close of work to speak with the fashionable female staff to patronize her. From the banks, she moved to her church and  waited at the church gate for the service to end just to speak with the beautiful sisters from the church and tell them about her business.

Getting more active on social media was a huge success for her as she was able to gather enough money to buy a large stock of product, but unfortunately she had to start from square one when she was given fake goods.

Talking more about her business, she said:

“Once you give your customers fake hair, it is a huge task trying to win them back, so one needs to be very careful where you source your products from. It was a huge setback and led to distrust from clients. At some point in my business, I didn’t get patronised for over 4 months, it was really hard”.

Wanneka, who describes her style as exquisitely chic with a bold personality continually advises young start-up entreprenuers to be passionate about what they want, and be sure they want to stay in the business such that when challenges arise, they will remain.

The hair boss who is the mother of two beautiful kids owes a part of her success to her husband who was very supportive in helping her manage the children and do school runs most times, especially when she had to leave her store extremely late into the night.

She paid him in her own beautiful way by buying him a Range Rover Envogue for Valentine this year.

Also, in July 2017, the businees woman was able to open a new business with profits entirely from her first business, Hair By Wanneka. This new business she called Wanneka’s Lounge, a lounge located in Lekki phase one, a surburb of Lagos State.

Wanneka who is known for the fierce love she has for her children, Emily and Sergei also said:

“I made it mandatory every weekend to always spend time with my kids, even if I am going to the shop, we go together.  This is to sustain the bond. My mum has also been extremely helpful. Motherhood is a company on its own”.

When asked what she will like to do for  change, she says “there are a lot of women out there who do not have opportunities like I have had, I would like young women to be persistent, strong and focused.

Wanneka is a year older today and obviously, she has a lot to be thankful for. See her Instagram post and caption below:

Dear Jesus ? if I begin to write about your goodness and faithfulness in my life , I’ll spend the rest of my life doing that ?I can’t say for sure why you choose to bless me this much ? everything I have always dreamt of becoming in life , you have given much more , I can’t complain ? Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of life ? Thank you for blessing me with my own husband ?William nkumah was designed in heaven for me ? Thank you for Emily , she’s an adorable little girl ? Thank you for Sergei , he’s a blessing to us ? Thank you for hairbywanneka It’s doing more than I expected ? Thank you for Wanneka’s lounge ,I still can’t believe I own it ? Thank you for my dead father’s life , he meant everything to me but I believe he’s safer with you ? Thank you for my mom , she’s still waxing strong ? thank you for my siblings , they are my blessings ? Once again Dear Jesus , you have done much more than I asked for and still doing ? Dear Willy , thank you for giving my life a meaning ?I’ll be a no body without you ? thank you for giving me a roof over my head in Lagos ? To all the lovers of the wanneka brand , thank you is not enough ? I sincerely love you all ❤️ if I have ever wronged anyone of you , pls find it in ur sweet heart to forgive me ??? #happybirthdaytome Dress @suemanuell Makeup – @glambydimsy Photograph- @eleanorgoodeyphotography

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To celebrate her birthday today, the #hairboss got herself a new black Mercedes Benz.

Early birthday gift from me to me ? #Benz to the rescue ?

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Isn’t this young lady an inspiration and a testimony that if you persevere, a whole lot of good would come to you?