11 Myths About Natural Hair You Should Totally Ignore Right Now

Your natural 4c hair is your true African hair, and definitely, it is relaxed because of the texture. Many people prefer straight hair that can be combed and styled so easily; however, other women just prefer the natural hair with no chemicals added.

There have been stories about natural hair that discourage women from either transitioning or starting again. These myths are what you should be aware of right now. It is also advisable you don’t believe them but make adequate research.

Here are 11 natural hair myths that you shouldn’t believe:

1. Hard to manage

With the best counsel on how to manage natural hair, you’re good to go. It’s not hard to manage.

2. Trim for growth

Trimming isn’t actually for growth. It’s only done to untangle your hair when it frizzles.

3. Hair type determines hair success

No, not true. Whether it’s 4a, 4b or 4c, with great hair care and protection, your hair will be a success.

4. Natural hairstyles aren’t professional

So not true! There are different ways you can style natural hair for professional purposes.

5. Air drying is the best way to dry it

You can also blow dry natural hair and it will be alright. Air drying isn’t necessarily the ‘best’. When you need to dry your hair immediately after washing, then air dying can’t be the best method.

6. Heat damage can be fixed

When heat has damaged your natural hair, it can’t be fixed. All you can do is try to improve the growth and texture.

7. It is the strongest of all hair types

Braid-out Tutorial

Natural hair is just as fragile as other hair types, so it isn’t true that it’s the strongest. Take good care of it!

8. Protective styling grows the hair

Protective styling only allows the hair grow because you don’t comb it regularly and all that. However, there are some protective styles that cut the hair (e.g. Braids, crotchet), especially when they’re done to trigger the loss of hair.

9. You don’t have to wash it often

You DO have to wash it often. If you’re not on a protective style, try washing it once or twice a week.

10. Natural hair doesn’t grow fast

these ingredients would make your hair grow like crazy

It even grows faster than relaxed hair considering the absence of chemicals. However, if you don’t take care of it, this myth may just reflect.

11. Hair products stop working

They don’t. All you have to do is use the products well and don’t overuse or under-use them.

Yinka is a Creative Content Writer for FabWoman. She creates content on women, beauty, health, and lifestyle for our social media. She also writes articles, product descriptions, stories, and screenplays. Outside of work, Yinka volunteers for charity and events relating to women, art, film, and professions. She dances salsa, hip-hop, contemporary and traditional dance for events and competitions. Yinka loves cats and rabbits.