How Pregnant YouTube star Nicole Thea DIED of A Suspected Heart Attack

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YouTube star Nicole Thea died at the age of 24 from a suspected heart attack, a family member has said.

News of her passing was announced on her Instagram page on Sunday, leaving her 130,000 followers in complete shock.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, her uncle Charles Murray, revealed: “From what I heard at the moment, we think she had a massive heart attack.

Pregnant YouTube Star, Nicole Thea Dies With Unborn Child Few Weeks To Delivery

“Nicole was saying that she was struggling to breathe. She was struggling with her chest – she had a pain in her chest.

“It is so surreal as she was so young. It is such a shock. It has really, really shaken us all up.”

Nicole’s uncle went on to say that they won’t know for sure what her cause of death was until they receive the results of the post-mortem.

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Nicole made her pregnancy announcement back in April.