Here Are Hairstyle YouTubers And Bloggers You Should Follow

Brainstorming on what hairstyle to make can be a lot of work for most women but there are some people that can make this so easy for you. These set of people are called Hairstyle Bloggers or Youtubers. You can follow them on YouTube and Instagram to get tutorials on how to take care of your hair or hairstyles you can try.

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Here’s the list of Nigerian Hairstyle bloggers and YouTubers you should be following.

1.Temitope Adesina (Naturallytemi)


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✨TAG A FRIEND ✨ I haven’t done this style in about 3 years so I knew I wanted to revisit it to see how it’ll look when my hair is longer. Full video on my YouTube channel to see the products and technique I used. Of course I started on wet hair because it’ll probably been a fail for me if I started on dry lol. And because I don’t always like having my hair in my face but I don’t want to throw it up in a ponytail I slicked the front portion and pinned and honey ISSA LOOK. Wut do you think of the style. . . Lipstick is Frederique liquid lipstick by @lashesbylena and Soul by @colouredraine . . Song- Woske by Olamide #naturalhairdoescare #4chairchicks #myhaircrush #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturallyshesdope #berrycurly #protectivestyles #naturalhairloves #respectmyhair #unconditionedroots #afroliciouswomen #healthy_hair_journey #naturalhairstyles #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhair #naturalhairbloggers #essencemag #naturallycurly #naturalhairdreams #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairspot

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Temi is a natural hair enthusiast that has successfully kept her natural hair for over 5 years. Naturallytemi has over 100, 000 subscribers on her YouTube page where features hair tutorials, hair care tips, makeup tips and tricks, and her natural hair journey.

2. Efik Zara

Violinist, artist and natural hair blogger, Efik Zara makes us all green with her natural hair is just perfect. Efik Zara has a very unique style.

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Swipe to see other versions of this image, and a closeup! ▵ Do you like this photo? If yes, what do you like about it? How would you want to be photographed? Remember… images last an eternity so what is it that represents you?? I want to know in the comments. ▵ I’ll be offering photography services in the states soon but you guys need to let me know what city and/or state you’re in so I can plan where I go (aside from home). ▵ This is probably amongst my faves from my #HarpersBazaar spread ?. I love the steeliness of my expression. I feel like the fire that’s constantly alight within me, reveals itself with this gaze. ▵ What makes me happy about these images aside from that is that I shot them myself. It’s incredible having control of how I’m captured because when I’m with myself and nobody else, I can dig deep and capture what very few can. ▵ It feels nice to be working again, lol. Being sick was a nightmare but I’m strong again and my “ginger” (zeal) is in full effect. I’m looking forward to expressing myself in so many ways. ▵ Photgrapher / Retoucher / Muse / Makeup / Hair / Styling | @efikzara for ▵ #EfikZara #EfikZaraMagazineCovers #OriginalAfricanBarbie
▵ #Darkskin #Crespo #HarpersBazaar #Red #MelaninArt #FemalePhotographer #Retoucher #54artistry #lagos #abuja #fro #4chair

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3. Chizi Duru

Chizi is another natural hair blogger who really has a thing for this natural hair topic obviously because she has a lot of knowledge to share. She has tutorials on how to make Bantu knots, twist outs, etc. She’s into up-dos, twists, straightening natural hair and also does product reviews.

4. Grace Ajilore

Grace is an actress, and also hairstyle YouTuber. She has over 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube Page. You can trust her to help you with your wigs, lace frontals and other hairstyles.


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