Nigerian Food Wedding MenuThere are simply wonderful meals you cannot afford to miss out from your wedding menu. In addition to meals on the main menu, there are several side dishes that Nigerians love and you should ensure you serve these side dishes at your reception to make your guests happy.

Here is a list of these dishes you can add into your wedding menu and your guests will love it..

1. Small chops

So while your guests are engaged with the program of the day, they do not expect the table to empty and dry. Nigerians want to see small chops in small disposable plates served on the table. They do not joke with the puff-puff, samosas, steak meat that would be served there. While they wait for the famous party rice, they want to keep their mouths busy. The oyinbo people call it appetizer.

2. Fried Yam and Fish

When people must have had their fill of the main foods served at a party, you will be amazed at the rate at which they would rush the fried yam and fried fish.

Normally, this is a food Nigerians by at the roadsides and would park their cars to eat while on the move. Having it served at a party will interest most people and you can be sure it would finish in no time. If you are able to provide this at your party in addition to all the other foods set on the menu, your party would not be forgotten in a long time.


3. Ewa Agonyin and Dodo

Nigerians love this meal and would go to any extent to eat it. Having beans served and fried plantain served at your party means you are considerate and have put nearly everyone into consideration while planning it. Some guests who are trying to regulate the intake of carbohydrates in their diets would opt in for this easily.


4. Asun

Asun is spicy goat meat that is particularly served at parties as the most important tool: an outdoor grill is not one that every Nigerian owns or has access to. Asun has a unique aroma thanks to the goat meat flavor. The goat is usually grilled in an open air barbecue and chopped into tiny pieces.

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5. Peppered Snails

Peppered snails

Nigerians are huge fans of meat, more so when its peppered, fried or grilled. Peppered snails are a delight at parties as they are not readily available on the streets; hence guests look forward to having this tasty snack at events. In addition to the taste, the health advantages of snail are not lost on Nigerians.