“Alhaja” Trends On Twitter As Muslim Ladies Express Their Displeasure For The Title

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Female Muslims have taken to the street of Twitter to express their displeasure about being called an”Alhaja”.

Although some don’t find an issue with being referred to as an Alhaja, they state that the Alhaja title is supposed to be an emblem of righteousness.

The arguments of the ones complaining stem from the fact that they think their identities are being stolen and would rather be addressed by their names.

The title Alhaja is given to most women on their return from Mecca for their pilgrimage. it’s in fact the highest title a Muslim woman can get in their religion.

A lady actually started the whole trend earlier today when she tweeted that she preferred being called by her name than by the title ‘Alhaja’.

Below is what she tweeted :

Below are some of the tweets on the trend Alhaja.

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