Nigerian makeup artiste who goes by the name Morelola on Instagram has shared the amazing testimony of how she was blessed with triplets barely a year after she lost a daughter.

This TV Personality Stays Standing Despite The Heartbreaks She Experienced In 2017

Sharing her experience, the young woman wrote of how she had lost her precious baby girl girl 24 hours after the baby’s birth and how she had thought she could not bear the loss.

Surprisingly though, she been been blessed with a set of triplets and she is absolutely awed by these huge blessings.

We have her Instagram post below

My testimony! In 2016,I lost a beautiful baby girl 24hrs after delivery,I was sad,broken and hurt,I still have no idea how I survived that pain.but in my pain I struck a deal with God instead of crying and wailing…i asked for double for my trouble!! Moved into 2017 with so much anxiety,I kept wondering when God was going to turn my shame into joy….. April 2017,an ultrasound found two sacs…i danced and was amazed at how God works….my ‘tunmininu’ and ‘dunmininu’ has finally come,I couldn’t believe I indeed got double for my trouble June 2017,another ultrasound found 3 babies….hmmnn my God gave me jara!only a fool will say God doesn’t exist!! After a very long and eventful pregnancy and nicu journey……my hands and heart is much love it feels like my heart is gonna explode!!! Jan 2018 Walking into the year with my trio and a heart full of gratitude and still in awe of God’s greatness, wishing y’all a very happy fulfilled new year!#myrainbowafterthestorm#triplets#bbg#yummymummy#pregnancyandbeyond#mytestimony#3ismyluckynumber#threeforthepriceof1

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