Nigerian Mother And Daughter Nurses Make Headlines In US For Helping Save Lives Of COVID-19 Patients

A Nigerian mother and daughter have been appreciated after risking their health to save lives in New York.

Uchenna Onyia from Nigeria moved to the US for a fresh start after the crash of her marriage.

She worked briefly at Taco Bell before studying to become a nurse.

She soon got her LPN license, her RN license, and then got her Nurse Practitioner license. Her daughter, Ona also followed suit and they both started practicing in Arkansas.

The outbreak of Coronavirus in the epicentre saw the duo travel to New York to treat infected patients.

In celebration of Mother’s day, mother and daughter were appreciated by TV host Jimmy Kimmel and Friends Star, Courteney Cox.

Uchenna and Ona alongside other nurses got surprised with NY style pizza from F&F pizzeria in Brooklyn.

They also got the folks at Mary Kay to gift them $10,000, along with hand sanitisers and skincare gift boxes for all the other nurses in their units.

Watch the emotional video below

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