Ofe Ugba Recipe

Ofe Ugba is a soup which is native to Imo and Abia states of Nigeria and is basically Okra Soup cooked with shredded oil beans. It can also be called Ofe Ukpaka or Shredded Oil Bean Soup.

It is not as difficult to prepare as it sounds, lest you get scared. Find below an easy recipe on how to prepare.


For 4 servings, you will need:

  • 20 okra fingers
  • 1 cup of ugba (milk cup is ok)
  • 2 pieces dry fish (dry cat fish or mangala fish)
  • 2 pieces stockfish (dry cod fish)
  • 1 smoked mackerel (smoked titus fish)
  • 2 cooking spoons palm oil
  • Habanero pepper (atarodo, ose oyibo, atarugu: to taste)
  • 1 handful crayfish
  • 1 piece of ogiri okpei (dawa dawa, iru)
  • 1 onion
  • Garden egg leaves (alternative: spinach)
  • Salt (to taste)


Rinse all the vegetables and fish thoroughly. In Nigerian markets, dry fish and stockfish are displayed in the open hence contain dust and sometimes fine sand. So wash these very well and rinse in plenty of water.

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  1. Soak the stockfish for a few minutes and clean with a food brush.
  2. Soak the dry fish in cool or lukewarm water till soft. Clean, debone and break into pieces.
  3. Break the smoked fish into small pieces, debone and rinse.
  4. Grind the crayfish and the ogiri okpei with a dry mill.
  5. Cut the Okra fingers into pieces. For the best Ofe Ugba, please do not blend the okra. You can grate it but hand cut is the best.
  6. Slice the onion into small pieces.
  7. Cut up the pepper into small pieces. You can grind it if you wish.
  8. Cut the garden egg leaves into small pieces.