This Is What Inspired Nigerian Actress, Omoli Oboli To Produce Latest Movie ‘Moms At War’



40-year-old Nigerian Nigerian actress, scriptwriter and film director Omoni Oboli has revealed during the premiere of her latest movie,  Moms At War that she grew up in a broken home.

The movie director and producer went on to explain that her father had left when she (Omoli) was still very young, leaving her mother alone with her and her sister.

“My mother had two kids. She broke up with my father when we were little. I didn’t even know my parents together. I was a baby when they broke up.

“So essentially, she lived for us. My sister and I. When a woman lives for her kids, she’s ready to do anything and everything for those kids. She goes to war for them every day.”

She shared that the movie Moms At War was a movie that honoured her mother.

“I decided I was going to direct the film because I wanted to use this film to honour my mother.”

Omoli Oboli was able to rise above a broken childhood, having just her mother as a stronghold. She studied at the New York Film Academy and left to conquer the film industry. She has written several screenplays such as; Fatal ImaginationBeing Mrs ElliottThe First Lady, and Wives on Strike.