PAU Maiden Edition TEDxPAU

PAU Launches Maiden Edition of TEDxPAU

The Pan-Atlantic University recently played host to a captivating TEDx event, bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders and industry experts to enlighten attendees under the theme “Rethink.”

The event took place at the Honeywell Auditorium of the Lagos Business School (LBS) on November 4th and was an amazing success, leaving attendees enlightened and inspired.

The TEDxPAU event featured a lineup of speakers from different industries who shared their unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences. The attendees were also treated to captivating performances and interactive and networking sessions after the event.

The event started with an opening address by Bella Victor, the organizer, and licensee of the event, who set the tone for the day with a background on the hardwork that went into organising the event. He also gave an inspiring talk on the power of ideas and the importance of the event for students.

The Vice Chancellor of Pan-Atlantic University, Prof. Enase Okonedo, left the audience pondering.

Speaking about ethics in the marketplace, she highlighted the struggle between balancing ethical considerations and self-interest. She said “You know what you have learnt, you know the right thing to do but sometimes, the challenges of living true to the ethical considerations versus self-interest are hard to negotiate in our minds. But what do we do? Do we play ball, as they say and therefore further contribute to the problems that we have seen and all the experience on a day-to-day basis?”

Emphasizing the importance of a support system, Mr. Carl Cruz, the Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Nigeria emphasized the importance of a support system.

“There will be a time when everything goes wrong, when you don’t expect, when things happen, you don’t expect it the way it should happen, you will be frustrated. This is the time that you will really depend on a very strong support system.”

The TedxPAU event is not just a one-time occurrence; it is the inaugural installment of what promises to be a series of inspiring gatherings. With a vision that extends far beyond the boundaries of this single event, Bella Victor and the team behind TedxPAU aspire to create a lasting platform for thought-provoking discourse and motivation. Their plans include inviting a diverse array of industry leaders, visionaries, and inspirational figures to engage with the student community, sharing their valuable insights, experiences, and wisdom.

TEDxPAU is a gateway to a world of transformative ideas, a key to unlocking potential across various spheres of life. Our mission is clear: to inspire and guide the youth towards a path of career professionalism, equipping them with the insights they need to thrive.

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