Pelumi Nubi

Meet Pelumi Nubi, The 29-Year-Old Nigerian Set To Drive From London to Lagos

Pelumi Nubi is on a mission to solo drive from London to Lagos in two months.

A UK-based Nigerian, Pelumi Nubi, is set to undertake a solo road trip from London to Lagos.

Nubi, who is a travel content creator, announced her adventure which is currently creating a buzz online via her social media handles.

Duration of the trip

The solo trip is expected to begin by the end of January and end in March. Her journey will see her traverse 17 countries, starting in England, crossing into France, then Spain, before heading into Morocco.  After that, it’s through the West Sahara Desert, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and finally, Lagos, Nigeria.

She will be sleeping inside a car with provisions for sleeping, cooking, dining, and washing throughout the trip because it allows her to be spontaneous, cuts costs, and adds a dash of excitement.


After a year of planning and saving, the 29-year-old described the adventure as a big investment. In an earlier interview, she revealed that the entire trip would cost $15,000–$20,000, covering fuel, accommodation, and other essential needs.

Inspiration to undertake the trip

Nubi said she was undertaking the trip to show that adventures like this are possible and to inspire other black people to chase their dreams.

In a podcast interview, she was also inspired by a fellow Nigerian, Kunle Adeyanju, who successfully rode from London to Lagos on a motorcycle. Mr. Adeyanju undertook a 41-day journey from London to Lagos to raise donations to battle polio in Nigeria, making him the first Nigerian to accomplish the feat.

She said, “He did it by bike two years ago. I was on the phone with him and mentioned how it was so cool what he did.”

She also revealed that she wanted to get out of her comfort zone and do something different.

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On being fully prepared for the trip, she said, “Truthfully, you’re never 100% ready for something this massive. My approach? Set a date, and just go for it. Some days I am filled with so much excitement other days not so much!”

Pelumi has previously visited about 80 countries, but this adventure stands out.

“This is very daring in comparison to others. I have done many trials; this is more extended and more expensive regarding what it entails.

“I’m stepping out of my comfort zone compared to others I have done in the past. I’m travelling through different continents, different from others I have done. I want to explore each destination that I stop in. The total is about 17 countries where I’ll be able to explore some European countries, then cross into. Morocco and keep making my way down West Africa.

She will become the first black woman to drive from London to Lagos if she is successful.


You can support Pelumi by using the hashtag #London2LagosByRoad.

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