5 Location Ideas You Should Try For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot


Pre-wedding photoshoots help in giving your wedding that really nice theme that you want.

Rather than use a photo studio, pick a nice location for your pre-wedding shoot. It would make the wedding more memorable. But not all areas are good for photoshoots.

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If you are looking for a good place for your pre-wedding photoshoot, you can use these 5 ideas in finding venues for your shoot.

1. The Place He Proposed


Who says you can’t go back to the place he proposed. Don’t just do the classic good spot, make it symbolic. It becomes more elaborate when the reception plays a video of the proposal and the pre-wedding shoot. You can even recreate the moment.  It becomes more special.

2.  A Symbolic Place

You can choose a place that means something to both of you. It could be the cinema, a restaurant, or a place that has played a key role in your relationship. Go crazy and make it your place of work if that is where is important. the venue should provide a good backdrop for your photos. It makes it all the more exciting.

3. A Classic Hotel Or Resort


This is over used and recycled in different ways, but it is still a good venue. Hotels or resorts with a good backdrop also helps to tell a story. You don’t need to stand in a spot and just take the pictures, if allowed move around and make use of the beautiful setting.

4. Museums, Momumental Places And Conservation Centers

conservation centers are one of my personal favorites. They provide the  wildlife story to it. Museums also give you that old feel and antiquity, like you want your marriage to be.

5. The Beach Or A Water Backdrop

There are so many places on the beach you can use-the water, the sand, the cabanas or sheds, the playground, on a yacht or boat if you want. The Beach also provides a nice background to your shoot. You have to also remember that the photographer has to be able to tell a story and not just click. If you have ideas, share it with the crew, that helps in bringing out your imagination.

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