This Is How Rahama Sadua’s Ban From Kannywood Became A Stepping Stone To Her Success

If you call her the Queen of Kannywood, then you are right. Rahama Sadau has built a great reputation for herself in the North.

She started off with minor roles until she landed a role in Gani ga Wane alongside the popular Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu.

Last year, the beautiful actress was banned from Kannywood after an onscreen hug in a Hausa music video alongside Jos-based pop star Classiq. The controversy, which made international headlines, saw Sadau condemned by the Motion Picture Practitioners of the Association of Nigeria. Hugging is a violation of the code of ethics in the Hausa movie industry.

The northern Actress recently talked to Guardian Life about her transition to Nollywood from Kannywood (Northern Nigeria film industry)

According to her, the ban ended up to be a blessing in disguise, as it has opened greater doors for her.

”Well, it’s a stepping stone, I am grateful because it has opened a lot of doors because a lot of people didn’t know me until the ban happened. It’s not something good but I think it was just meant to be.”

Sadau who is currently working with Ramsey Noah on an AY film The Accidental Spy, has also done major movies like The Light Will Come, Super Story, Sons of the Caliphate and recently also just finished working on a script called A Girl with No Words, a Yoruba movie where the character can neither hear nor speak.

Sadau takes inspiration from Priyanka Chopra, who also transitioned from Bollywood to Hollywood.

“We have similar problems and are facing similar situations because at some point, they have to accept you and appreciate what you’re doing,” she adds.